A New Montana Bank would ...

Provide counter-cyclical solutions to credit contractions
Reduce systemic risk
Use core deposits more efficiently
Be owned by the people of Montana
Support economic sustainability
Be Constitutional

and would not be ...

Operated by politicians
Boondoggles for bank executives
Speculative ventures
Competition for community banks
Vulnerable to credit contractions
Driven by the short-term profit motives and bonuses

Who We Are

Currently the Public Banking Institute (PBI) is exploring the idea of a state bank for Montana, similar to the nation’s only state bank, the Bank of North Dakota, which has protected North Dakota from revenue shortfalls and has reinvested local money in agriculture, small business, education and other economic development initiatives.

PBI is a national educational nonprofit organization committed to ending artificial economic scarcity. The team of volunteer supporters in Montana serve other organizations and the public in Montana by providing the education and information needed so that a new economy in Montana can be created.

Why a New Economy?

Public banking frees the credit potential of public revenues and harnesses this public wealth to create sustainable, abundant, and affordable credit. Here are some examples of how North Dakota is using their credit to build a new economy:

Clean manufacturing
High tech startups
First-time farmer loans
Energy development

This credit provides a new source of tax revenue by increasing revenue collection from the expanding economic activity that it underwrites. Are community banks in Montana effectively funding these kind of loan programs now?

Montana Values

People helping people - in the country or in the cities, in the summer or in the winter, this is what Montanans do

Balance Preservation with Growth - create common sense economic opportunities that don't exploit the public

Level Playing Field -- no unfair advantage to out-of-state corporations

Honest Banking

Sound banking practices that inspire confidence and generate sound investments. Too good to be true? North Dakota does this with its public money -- Monana can do this, too.